At home, we encourage a balanced work life lifestyle locally, with flexible working hours offered to HQ staff juggling families, studies and side hustles.

Abroad, where existing fair workplace accreditation does not exist, we carry out fair work audits with suppliers in India through third-party auditors, IRFT. This ensures garment workers in our Indian factory are both safe and employed under fair conditions. They report recommendations and we action them.

We are proud to use the artisan labour in India to create our prints and embroideries because they are optimally skilled people to do so - they do an amazing job. We have worked in step with the IRFT since day dot to ensure our workers are safe and well.

While the legal liability of any self-published code of conduct is not a given, we secure specific negotiations that are available to us (such as that of no minimums) to ensure our operations don’t have a wasteful impact.

We also make material decisions in our designs to phase out use of harmful chemicals and materials if discovered in our processes.

Kinga continues to innovate and find new ways to close the fashion production loop, as part of a meaningful appraisal of what sustainability really is and what it can be.