About Us


Kinga Csilla came about in response to a need for well-crafted, effortless womenswear that lifts the sartorial aesthetic of a day-to-day look and leaves only the gentlest environmental footprint. 
In 2016, as Creative Director Laura began to recognise this gap in what was available to real lovers of ethical fashion in Australia, she began designing ranges suited to women with an appreciation for design and a desire to present effortlessly-cool everyday.
So building on her reputation from 10 years as a designer in the Australian Fashion Industry, Laura's commitment and unwavering creativity led her to gradually employ KC's current international team. This team continues to grow as it presents these designs to the market in a spirit of generosity and considered style.
We exist to actualise a graceful, effortless attitude into comfortable clothing. Adhering closely to our values, we make highly responsible use of the resources needed in clothing production. 
We be believe that the tide should rise all boats.
We pay our workers the national working wage in their respective regions, their contracts permit them to unionise, our factories are vetted under HCCP standards to ensure sustainable workplace practices, and we regularly communicate with our workers to ensure they feel safe attending work.




Our team is a small group of kind hearted women dedicated to building a brand with integrity and purpose. 

The Kinga Csilla team work both from our headquarters in Brooke Vale and from home. 


Our woven garment makers are from India, home to some of the most beautiful handiwork and talented craftspeople found on this planet.

We are fortunate and forever grateful for their skill and workmanship that allow for the timeless detailing that is the Kinga signature. Every collection is carefully considered in design and made slowly, with heart.

Our production is a time-consuming process where we allow our makers the appropriate time to complete their work, which we know is well worth waiting for.

Our Knit makers are from China. We communicate closely with the team there with a current focus to perfect our yarn mix, combining the right balance of recycled and regenerative materials. 

To learn more about our commitment to fair working conditions and our attitudes towards sustainability please click on the 'Ethics' tab in our home menu.