Kinga Csilla exists to meet a surging demand for quality, ethical clothing options. We at Kinga hold Earth-friendly clothing production at the heart of all decisions we make. We take as little from the Earth as we can.

When it comes to sustainability, we’re all about trying and evaluating new decisions and sponsorships, maintaining what proves effective on the ground, and evolving from what doesn’t. 

Proud optimists as we are, this stepped approach has led us to successes in areas of carbon offsetting, anti-slavery work, reforestation and donation to feet-on-the-ground community organisations Ecocart and i=change. We move towards a closed production loop by using Airrobe and participating in Worn for Good. 

Typically, after a period of observation and evaluation, we canvas options to move forward and try a new action again. We evolve towards a fully sustainable brand that platforms eco-regeneration and labour rights while offering a reasonably affordable product of sophisticated manufacture and origin.