Social & Environmental Attributes

A short summary:

* Kinga Csilla is NOT a sustainable brand but we pledge to seek out and employ improved sustainable fashion practices in our production processes as well as in the day to day running of our business.

* We carry out fair work Audits with suppliers in India through third party Fair Trade auditers IRFT to ensure garment workers in our Indian factory are both safe and employed under fair conditions.

* Our production, wholesale and retail packaging is produced from recycled cardboard and biodegradable plastic alternatives.

* Between 30% and 50% of our collections are produced using Post Consumer Recycled Cotton, this quality is GRS certified.

* We offer a recycling service for end of use Cotton and Linen textiles.

* Between 30% and 50% of our collections are made from regenerative fibres such as Hemp and Linen.

* We have negotiated no minimum agreements with both our Chinese and Indian suppliers meaning that we only order what we require and are not forced to push product or discount to unnecessarily increase production units.

* We encourage a balanced work life lifestyle locally with flexible working hours offered to HQ staff juggling families, studies and side hustles. 

* We have recently increase our size range to include up to size 16 au and are currently developing a pattern grading system to include 18 to 20 in our most popular styles too.



More Details:

Ethical and Environmental Initiatives. 

Here at Kinga HQ we understand innately it is cool to be kind: to our Kinga famiglia, our makers and Mother Earth. We are constantly striving to create production processes that are ethical and follow fair production practices. 

Currently we work with the fair work guidelines set by IRFT - International Resources for Fairer Trade and their Social Compliance Code.

This ensures that we know in our hearts that each Kinga Csilla piece that passes through our hands and onto you is made not only with the utmost care but in a safe environment. 

The people involved in producing our garments go to work daily with the knowledge that they will be treated with respect and be aptly remunerated for their labour.  

We use these guidelines to assess and monitor the safety and well-being of our garment workers. 

Assessments are carried out 1-2 times per year. Currently, employees of our small production unit in Delhi are interviewed in a safe, open setting and goals are regularly set to continue to improve the work place quality.


Craftspeople involved in the Kinga chain of production are paid at least the minimum wage, at levels set by the Indian government for workers in their respective skill level. 

Our supplier allows freedom of association rights to be exercised with no threat involved to staff. We also ensure that regular health and safety audits are practiced.


All audits are carried out by IRFT at our own cost. 

At the facility that crafts Kinga Csilla there is;

No forced labour. 

No child labour.

Fair wages.

Freedom of association.

Independantly monitored working environment.


We say this with conviction and heart. While ours is not always a perfect system we continually strive to improve our methods.

We believe this is ethical fashion, conscious fashion.

This is #KingaKind.

Our link to IRFT ensures we are constantly updated and advised in areas of development with ethical practice. This is an evolving process that is beneficial for all parties involved. if you are interested in the specific guidelines that our first tier factory is audited against, you can find more info here -

Learn more about IRFT here



Here at Kinga HQ we use biodegradable and compostable packaging.

As a customer we kindly ask that you take part of the recycle and compost process and dispose of packaging in a responsible way. 

Synthetics are never used in our production process and we endeavour to repurpose textile wastage by creating smaller line products and accessories to reduct landfill.

This is a constantly evolving process of sustainability and we strive for transparency and improvement.

All Kinga treasure is sent out to your loving hands in a reusable biodegradable sleeve.

We endeavour to make sure there is no excess plastic used in the production chain. Our stickers are printed using post consumer recycled paper and vegetable inks.


Creating ethical, conscious fashion is a process which involves an open heart, mind & awareness of what is happening on Planet Earth today.

Please know when you are investing in a Kinga piece, we understand that you entrust that we practice mindful design and manufacturing.

We are genuine participants of the eco-movement, transforming the way fashion is created and consumed. We believe that clothing should made to last, be worn over and over again and to belong in your own treasure trove of timeless pieces. 

We aim to create pieces with inter-seasonal longevity, and to increase transparency in our manufacturing. This way, you, as the conscious consumer, may not only feel good about the decision to invest in a Kinga piece – you also know in your heart how each piece develops from conception to being in your hands.

In regions where audits are not possible and production transparency is limited we endeavour to keep open communication lines with our suppliers and encourage them to uphold fair work standards. We are dedicated to encouraging our global production family to uphold sustainable procedures and fair employment. 

We have introduced recycled cotton and hemp textiles into our fabric repertoire. 

Alongside a buy-back initiative where old garments are recycled into new textiles. Our collections are increasingly produced in a closed loop production system through the use of our Rec' Club Post Consumer recycled cotton.

Thank you for your time taken to read our core values and beliefs in ethical and sustainable trade. This means the world to us.

Love Laura & Team Kinga x