Circular Fashion Recycling Credits

Have a heart to help Mother Earth.
Do you have clothing you’d like to save from landfill?

We will take back any cotton, linen or viscose garment that has outlasted its use. This is not just old Kinga Csilla clothing – it can be any brand with a fibre content that is 100% cotton, linen, viscose or a blend of the three (so check the care label).

What will we do with your old textiles? We will recycle them.

Yes! No land fill for your laddered t-shirts and frayed blouses.
Your cast-offs may be shipped offshore, where their fibres are extracted and regenerated into brand new garments with a renewed value.

It always stands, granted, that Kinga Csilla garments are crafted to retain quality.
If we find some magic left in them on their return, we may pursue an alternative way extend their life. Depending on their condition, they may be recycled offshore, or mended for future re-sale programs (in a future initiative starting at Christmas 2020).

Your returns need not be Kinga Csilla original garments and can be in any condition whatsoever. However they must be cotton, linen or viscose.

Aside from being an ultimate eco queen, what's in it for you?

A $30 credit towards your next Kinga Csilla purchase for every 500 grams of clothing returned. 

We will also cover the transport and fees to have your old textiles recycled into brand new products. This process isn’t free but we are committed to closing the loop and believe the investment is worth it for current generations and the next.

Kinga Csilla’s next step in closing the production loop is to incorporate these beautiful recycled fabric and yarns into our collections. We aim to use 30% recycled fibres in our collection by the end of 2021.

Your support in this means the world to us. Literally.

The result contributes to innovative, sustainable production practices. The environment gets a break as resources headed for landfill are rerouted to make flawless, distinguished articles.

With love,
Kinga Csilla


How to claim your credit:

You can participate in our buyback program by following these steps:

  1. Email with buyback [your name] in subject
  2. Wait for a buyback code in a reply from our customer service team
  3. Send us up to 500g of natural-fibre textile garments in an Australia Post bag with your buyback code written clearly on the bag. If you’re not sure about the fabric, check the tag to see if it is made from a cellulose (plant-based) fibre - namely: linen, cotton or cotton viscose.
  4. We’ll send you a reply-email with a credit code for $30 toward your next order! This can be used at the checkout of next KC online purchase, subject to a few Ts and Cs.*

*Disclaimer - participants in the garment recycling program may mail us only 500g of textiles at a time, restricted to 1 mailout per customer per week. Only one discount code will be issued at a time and the discount is not to be combined with other discounts.