Walking and talking with Nim Soles

Walking and talking with Nim Soles

Nim is a label of responsibly manufactured style essentials - think minimalist bucket bags and unique, bold straps. But what first brought Nim to life was the famous slides, Nim Soles. Compact and marshmallowy, they're that pair of shoes that somehow looks good with everything. We're going to talk for a little bit with Elyse Middleton about style, plastics, the sunshine coast, and goats.

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How are these shoes so baby-bird soft and yet so durable as shoes?

Oh aren’t they irresistibly comfortable! The slides are made from a high quality EVA foam filled with micro air pockets which is what gives them the soft squishy feel. When cared for correctly they are an incredibly durable shoe.

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What are the most inspired ways that you've seen people style Nim gear?

As part of our minimalist approach, we design all of our pieces with versatility in mind. We’ve seen them worn so many ways, from dressed up with a silk 2 piece suit to out in the chook pen and everything in between! 

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Is innovation in safe plastics part of the way forward for the fashion industry?

100%! Not just for the fashion industry but overall. There’s always room to improve and make way for a cleaner future.

Oh, tell us about the Sunshine Coast! What's your favourite spot in nature, up where you are?

Were so lucky here to have some of the most amazing beaches in the world, however my favourite spot would have to be the farm at the top of our street. A quiet grassy hill with the most incredible views of the coast. Best enjoyed in the afternoon with a cosy blanket and a glass of wine! 

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Do you think about eating as much as we think about eating? That's a rhetorical question, but here's a real one. Is there a spot on the Sunshine Coast where we must simply try a meal?

I have to admit we don’t eat out much, BUT if you’re around the hinterland you absolutely have to visit Eudlo General Store for one of their homemade pies. The slow cooked beef and red wine is out of this world. I tell anyone who will listen about them!

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Did we read something about you feeding goats? Are there some lovely goats who are known to your family?

Bill & Teddy! My babies! We had 2 gorgeous baby goats that we hand raised from only a few weeks old and they were absolutely divine! I miss them so much, but silver lining…I’m currently turning what was their pen into a kitchen garden. It’s my little zen project and I’m absolutely loving it!

Thank you Nim Soles for speaking with us. Shop Nim Soles here or click above pictures. 

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