The Love Wave

The Love Wave

Dearest Kinga Kin
As the nights get longer and the days cool down with the autumn air, we wait ever so eagerly for our new fall styles to arrive. 
The Love Wave is Kinga Csilla’s much anticipated autumn 18 collection. Giving a nod to old fashioned times with our signature embroideries including “The Doris”, with it’s 1930’s shangri-la influence and signature chinoiserie. Stars, lace and linen with grace also play an important role this season in timeless vintage inspired heirloom pieces that you will want to keep forever. Take them wherever you go on the dusty road and allow your imagination and to take the lead. 
We met up with one of our fave local lovebirds / Azure Ryder - to play dress ups in our new collection, all while exchanging thoughts on creativity and kindness.
Love Kinga 
The Love Wave

We have been waiting oh-so-patiently these first days of fall, waiting so quietly for our new golden autumn pieces to arrive. 

The Love Wave | Kinga Csilla | Autumn 18 
We met up with one of our fave local lovebirds Azure Ryder to play dress ups in our  new collection all while exchanging thoughts on creativity and kindness.

Tell us a bit about who you are and where you are from. 

My little soul was born along the ocean on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I'm a 21 year old Musician, a passionately creative old soul, with my heart painted on my sleeve and sparkles forever dancing in my eyes. I feel in colours and dream in flowers and white lace. 

Flowers and white lace? You are indeed our dream girl! I know from our own conversations on location that music means a lot to you. You have just taken a huge leap of faith to pursue your creative dreams. Tell us a bit about the journey.

Well I just recently I quit my full time retail job to commit %100 to my dreams. It's been an overwhelming jump out into the unknown, but I know I can't breathe without my passion, my heart won't beat without my voice. 
My complete happiness lies deep within music. It is the burning current that runs through my entire body. To sing for me is to connect with others through my words, and evoke a feeling within them, this is a high I can’t live without. My creative process is a continuous walk and part of my daily life. I'm someone that feels very deeply and vividly so my mind is always speaking in sweet words to describe what I am experiencing in that present moment.
 When I am writing, the words always come to me with a melody, so that is where the song begins then I write it down and record my voice. A lot comes to me in the shower so I often have to sing a melody over and over so that I don't forget and then I run out of the shower to record it on my phone. 
 Do you have any other creative outlets?
I have always loved writing. I love to write and draw what I'm feeling, and this year I became fascinated with watercolours.
I’m drawn to the spontaneity of them, you never know exactly what you are going to create but the colours blend in to one another so gracefully and suddenly you have something magic on the paper in front of you! It's quite a calming thrill for me to watch the reaction between water and colour.
So it’s safe to say then that you’re a creative communicator. If you had a large captive audience what do you think would be the most heartfelt message you could share with them?
I think the most important thing in this world is to feel, there are so many crazy things happening on both a global scale and in each person’s individual lives that we turn away from, or have become conditioned to be desensitised to. And it takes feeling and intention to change that, It takes love!
 Let’s remove our numbness as a society and start again. Maybe even with just a simple smile, and that moment when we choose love over fear is when we are free. 
We love your big heart! 
It’s a delight to work with someone who genuinely appreciates the things that are made for them. We adore how you advocate smaller, slower more conscious brands. Can you recommend any other lesser known creatives that you think are amazing? 
I love supporting them! Labels like yours are pure magic because you can feel the heart of the creator in every piece and that's a special quality to me.
My beautiful friend Olivia owns a Jewellery label called "Cleopatras Bling" (@cleopatrasbling), amongst her world travels she learnt the art of traditional jewellery making in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul in Turkey, her pieces draw on cosmic and ancient wisdom and what her hands create is something of true enchantment.
 Another dear soul I admire deeply is Leeha owner of her clothing label All That Remains (@allthatremainslove). She creates heavenly pieces in the colour palette of my dreams, each embroidered treasure created to wander the world in, a celebration of woman of the earth.
 Then there is the wonderful ray of light that is Dee of her lifestyle label Kawaiian Lion @kawaiian_lion), this woman is a painting of pure grace and strength and what she creates for me is a rainbow, a bringer of love and comfort, happiness in the sunsets, and a calm in the breeze. 
Oh Dee ! Yes, she is the original #kingaKind.
You are in good company.
 Because we really do think you are the Kinga kind too.  Can you give us an example of a simple act of kindness we could practice today?
I often think about how disconnected this world has become, how we have grown fearful of human face to face communication. How now it seems a simple "Hello" or smile to a passing stranger is seen as weird and so instead we bow our heads and turn our eyes to a screen, to feel safe and comfortable.
 But if we changed this and spoke positive affirmations to the people we meet, making them smile, making them feel good it would not only have  a profoundly positive effect on just their day but ours also.
Put a smile on your dial, kind words on your lips and watch the world bloom.
Thank you Azure. You are #kingakind. 
Love x Kinga
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