THE KINGA CSILLA GIFT GUIDE // for tricky people

THE KINGA CSILLA GIFT GUIDE // for tricky people

We've done the hard work to make your last minute gifting a piece of Christmas pudding.
Order online or pop into store and know that our Kinga Csilla team are here to help.
Here is a list of hand picked favourites for our nearest, dearest and sometimes pickiest . 

Meet Kinga Csilla's littlest sister Charlotte.

Sisters just want to have fun ... but make it cute ok? 
We've put together a super positive collection of essentials for your mini me. Vanilla Ceo Scent from CRA-YON - like a holiday in a bottle,
Dante candle in Barbie Dreams by Blazed wax because pink is still her favourite colour & the Marble Harper corset, what would Dad say?

Meet Kinga Csilla's cheeky brother Zac.

 Brothers ... they can be protective but we know that they're really just big softies.

We're bouncing those protective vibes right back with 
Soler SPF 30+ mineral sunscreen for essential skin protection,
Wooden Spoon Herb's Mushroom Magic tincture to help support the nervous system and cognitive function and Kinga Csilla Found's vintage moroccan blanket in Shady Rainbow (instore only)

Meet Kinga Csilla's newest mama Kate.

 We know mum wants something from Kinga Csilla ...

What was it again?

Don't stress we've covered all bases so you'll look like you were paying attention.

Palm of Feronia's Deep Glow facial oil to nourish the skin,

Land's Organic Lemon Juice Powder to nourish the body and Kinga Csilla's iconic Liberty dress in GRS certified recycled cotton because we love our mothers and we love mother earth.

Meet Kinga Csilla's sunny beach bunny Sarah.

 Radiating with positive energy like the Sun herself our beach babe loves a night out just as much as she loves a full day recharging by the shore.

Sun protection is essential but never at the cost of aesthetics.

We've selected Sounds x Emma Safir's Melting star towel, a limited edition work of absorbent art.

Paired back with Kinga Csilla Found's hand woven Moroccan Fan or woven Moroccan hat.

Made in Rabat by hand , no two pieces from our Found collection are the same.

Meet Kinga Csilla's BFF Anna.


Meet Caleb, he's not our dad but he's a good dad.

 And like all good dad's, deserves a special, nice looking, not-last-minute treat this Christmas. 

For the Dads we've chosen a refined selection of functional gifts he'll use.

Sounds x Sarah Esme limited edition Silly Flowers towel, because flowers are for boys too.

We want him to live till 100 so skin care is paramount, Soler Mineral Sunscreen will do the trick and to cultivate a sense of zen, Corey Ashford's Holiday House incense and Brass Oyster incense holder.

Meet Laura, Kinga Csilla's Happy Camper.

 We all have one of these friends.

You know, the one who can't keep still. They're road tripping or camping or away at someone's holiday house somewhere.

But when we do see them it's always worth the wait.

So when you manage to pin down your nomadic pal to exchange gifts ... in April, this is our suggestion.

A vintage Moroccan throw from Kinga Csilla Found in Candi Check. Available exclusively in-store. 

Soler mineral SPF +30 and Kinga Csilla Found throw pillows made from remnant production textiles repurposed into light weight portable pillows. Long live the picnic life.

and thats as the Christmas elves would say "is a wrap"!

Come visit us this weekend at our Newport store to find all the gifts featured  here or shop online. Last orders go out Tuesday the 21st December before Kinga HQ closes for the week.

email to make remote purchases for in store exclusives.

Happy holidays!


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