A capsule collection of Kinga Csilla classics in certified post consumer recycled cotton.

Rec' Club launches this Wednesday the 28th, shot on film in Byron Bay by Emily Yates.
 Preview of our Rec' Club campaign, shot in Byron Bay by Emily Yates.

Launching this Wednesday the 28th of April, Kinga Csilla introduces the REC' CLUB. Months in the making, this new collection has been a labour of love close to all of our hearts.

REC' CLUB is a core collection, a new way of dressing, and fundamentally, it is a new way to be kinder to Mother Earth. We are proud to boast that this tiny but mighty collection is made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled cotton. 

With careful consideration, we have worked to strike a harmonious balance between fashion and sustainability in this new addition. REC 'CLUB marries our most sought-after silhouettes with a fabrication that not only diverts waste from landfill, but saves water and chemical waste. 


New planet friendly labels and tags.

A new collection has never been so close to the hearts of our whole team. We felt it was right to (virtually) sit down together with our suppliers to respond to some important questions about REC' CLUB. 

Sarah, Laura and Kate..
So, Kate - as KC's Operations Manager, was it hard for you to find a trustworthy supplier of Post Consumer Recycled Cotton?

Oh, yeah - it was no easy task.

There were months of research and we had to carry out due diligence to ensure the manufacturers we used were reliably certified.

Our PCR cotton mill is certified OnceCert International Certified Global Recycled Standard. 

On top of that, we had to look for a manufacturer that doesn't need huge minimum orders. This is because KC is a smaller brand, but also because it would be ineffective in reducing landfill - we didn’t want to overcommit and end up with waste.

We truly pride ourselves over the small quantities that we order. This practice makes every KC piece that little bit more special, and it provokes more mindful purchasing.


Garment workers at the factory in India that sew our REC' CLUB collection.

And, Laura. Being KC’s Creative Director, did the desire to use recycled fabric come from a creative standpoint or more of a view towards business sustainability?

At first, the desire to find PCR cotton came from a desire to work towards better, more sustainable brand standards. It wasn't part of my creative expression - not to begin with, anyway.

I wanted specifically to find PCR cotton to fulfil a promise to myself, my family, and the KC customer, that a portion of our product would be closed loop manufactured.

I was motivated by a growing awareness that organic cottons, too, need copious amounts of water to grow, and that use of virgin textiles does nothing to divert waste from landfill. PCR cotton addresses both of these issues. 

Surprisingly, though, after designing our first capsule, I felt a lift in my creative energy by bringing in this material.

When we were finally able to find a certified PCR supplier, I took license to experiment and explore with new designs, without a sense of worry should a sample not turn out to expectation.

The idea of playing and creating with something that has been created from diverted waste adds a sense of lightness to the creative process. 

Leanne - as the customer service contact, do you get many queries about sustainable fabrics?

No, not really! But we still feel like this is an area we need to and will continue to develop further upon. 

I think it’s important to investigate further. We would love for customers to challenge not only us, but other brands - to do better and be better, especially those who are already talking about sustainability.

Sarah, how easy is it to market a capsule collection like this?

I’ve found it challenging! Marketing any sustainable initiative is challenging.

There's a lot of greenwashing out there and we don't want to overpromise, or pretend like we're achieving any more than we really are. 

The balance between trying to communicate REC CLUB as a beautiful collection while at the same time, trying to educate on it's sustainability attributes in a way that's both punchy and engaging - that was tricky!

Supreet, you're the contact between Kinga Csilla and the amazing factory that sourced our PCR cotton. Was it hard for you to find a trustworthy supplier of recycled textiles? 

Yes, it was! It is a completely new segment for us and some parts of the supply chain are currently not very robust.

Supreet, the female workforce at the factory who sourced our PCR cotton and one of the factory founders.

Supreet, from a perspective of a clothing manufacturer, how do you feel about using materials like post consumer recycled cotton? 

It is great feeling of closing the loop. We feel so proud of bringing something so valuable to the table and really appreciate partners like you who help us convert our vision into reality.

Supreet, can you tell us how this fabrication is completed? 

This process is mostly mechanical. During the recycling process, the cotton waste is processed with stripping machines that break the yarns and fabric into smaller pieces before pulling them apart into fibre. The mix is carded several times in order to clean and mix the fibres before they are spun into new yarns and textiles.


Kinga Csilla's full REC' CLUB campaign, lensed by the talented Emily Yates, will be launched in alignment with the entire collection on Wednesday the 28th April at 7:30 PM.

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