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A belated introduction to KC HQ honeys; Sarah & Claudia and thoughts on their respective debuts into fashion.

Welcome back to the blog! 

This week I pulled Sarah and Claudia aside for a hot minute to talk life at KC HQ and what it's like to enter and work in the fashion industry.


You may recognise our two babies from giggly HQ fit videos and cheeky IG stories but both of these Csilla queens have big brains and even bigger hearts for kind fashion. 




Full name and age?

Claudia Krek & Sarah Boccanfuso, both 22 years young. 

Tell us about your current job / jobs ...


I'm the Sustainability Officer & Admin Assistant Kinga Csilla - My job role oversees the implementation of sustainability strategies when constructing a project, adhering to the most economically and environmentally friendly methods possible.

I also help with office admin and fits and I make jewellery for my own brand. 


I'm a Marketing Assistant - My job role is to effectively spread Kinga Csilla's mission and reach to audiences across the globe by developing and creating strategic marketing plans that capture and establish the voice that is Kinga Csilla.

How did you get your job?


I went to Uni with Serena, who was the previous Operations Manager at Kinga Csilla and met Laura through her. Laura and I worked on a few shoots together at Kinga, talking about the industries future and the sustainable practices within it. From there I asked Laura if she would take me on as an intern to help find ways to lessen the impact that Kinga has on communities and the environment. From there I was employed! 


After completing a three month internship at a Sales Management and Strategy Agency during my second year at Uni, my name was put forward by one of the girls I was working for to meet with Laura - who’d mentioned she needed a junior to help with Marketing and PR work.

Laura and I met for Coffee where we talked about effectively using a combination of strategies and creative marketing campaigns that would install brand captivation and execution through social media utilisation and PR. We agreed upon completing a four-week internship with the intention of continued work afterwards. The rest is history! 

How do you like working in the industry? 


I love working in fashion. Sure, I have learnt that similar to any industry there are pros and cons, you just have to find the parts that you love and stick to those (I guess you learn this with experience, through trial and error). 


Working in the fashion industry certainly is a passion of mine. I love working with forward-thinking, like-minded creatives who too, acquire a great interest for women's apparel and styling. I love being able to combine my strengths and interests of all things marketing and PR, in the fashion industry. 

What is something that surprised you about your job?


The nature of the fashion industry has so many different variables and is constantly changing. You need to always adapt accordingly, no day looks like another. 


The admin behind creating marketing plans is time consuming. We often only portray the glitz and glam (especially heightened on social media) of a successful campaign, but the reality is that it takes a huge deal of coordination, adaptability and management. 

What is something that you found mundane about your job?


There’s lots of emails, lots of excel sheets and lots of waiting around for responses. 


I’ve found (especially in recent times given the global pandemic) that sure, working virtually from home has its positives and conveniences - but it’s mundane and often unproductive. I love spending quality time in the office with our team. When we’re all together, we’re able to work collectively to achieve common goals.

What is a part of your job that you’re proud of / what do you love the most?


I am proud to work for such an amazing business whose ethics align with mine. To have a boss you truly want to help succeed is so fulfilling. I love the mix of creativity and business.


I take great pride in being part of a brand that continues to grow. I love having the hands- on experience in assisting and capturing the brand that is Kinga Csilla from what was a start-up environment to an established business.  

What is a piece of advice to give your peers anonymously (or to graduates this year)? / have you learnt a secret that differentiates yourself from others? 


Take every opportunity you’re presented with. All my previous jobs in fashion have started with interning and eventuated into a job. You need to prove yourself and go into these spaces with an insane amount of confidence. 

More importantly never stop learning. Take that course, do your research, you need to stay on top of your game so that you can stay relevant within a very fast industry. 


Understand the importance of networking. Sure, invest your time and energy into studying that course, attending that event or accepting that job - but make it all worthwhile. Be proactive and efficient with the opportunities you’re presented with, including the people you meet along the way. Get to know your peers, tutors and colleagues well - it can go a tremendous way talking to the right person. Their suggestions, recommendations or good word could open doors you never imagined.

Also, go above and beyond to complete the nitty gritty tasks beyond your job role. I’ve heard people complain too many times about tasks they've completed that wasn’t specifically mentioned in their scope of work - you need to remain open minded to completing new and different jobs, it’ll reflect your character and impress employers. I remind myself of a piece of advice from an interview with Gigi Hadid, whose mum told her that “if you’re not the nicest, most hard-working person in your industry, there’s going to be someone kinder, nicer and more hard-working”. 

If you weren’t working in the fashion industry, what would you be doing instead?


I would have loved to be a primary or high school teacher. I hope that when I am older I can teach in one way or another.


If I wasn't employed at Kinga Csilla, I’d want to further develop my Media knowledge and Journalistic skills obtained from my degree. I’d hope to find work in a Media Agency or Television Network as a presenter or reporter. 

Thanks for sharing with everyone girls! 

It's as fun as it looks spending HQ days with you two. 

Till next time, stay Kind.

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