ORION | chapter 1

ORION | chapter 1

With a sense joyous optimism Kinga Csilla presents Orion chapter I.

Photographer Jonny Seelenmeyer, one time Byron local, now Majorcan seaside parishioner captures Orion’s intention to reflect the natural flux of life. 

Photographed at dusk, as the light turns.


Each piece of Orion’s offering represents a sartorial vehicle, effortlessly  carrying you from winter into spring, summer into autumn.

Shown above; Orion chapter 1 introduces two new Rec’ Club styles, cut in post consumer recycled cotton. 

The Ethel Liberty mini and The Patience blouse.


Chapter one ushers in a new romanic mood with the Calista floral. Found on our Neroli and Marrakech Fez styles as well as a boned corset and button down skirt.


Lovers of fine detail will swoon at the delicate floral embroidery found on the new Rapallo Marrakech and Blouse.


And block print lovers will have their appetites satiated in the new Vala Marrakech dress.

Orion Chapter I will be available to shop from 7:30pm AEST Tuesday the 17th August.

For those who like to see fit's on alternative body shapes our staff fits will commence Wednesday the 18th August and we welcome any fir requests.

As always Kinga Csilla remains ever grateful for its beautiful community of clever women, we thank you for your ongoing love.



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