On living as the Romans do // With artist Madeline Jovicic

On living as the Romans do // With artist Madeline Jovicic

Maddy Jovicic's paintings are about the joys of simple eating and drinking as the Romans do.

Think of pinks, sunshine yellows and warm deep primaries that speak of gelati, vino and antipasti crisscrossed with oil and lemon juice.

We're taking time to talk about rituals, art and treating yourself like a goddess.


Talk to us about peach pink! What moods and stories do that colour evoke for you? 

Pink is just such a joyous colour! For me it evokes Summer, Summer vacations. Ripe fruit, sunsets, sun-kissed skin, strawberry gelato, cold rosé. It’s a colour that arouses nostalgia and warmth in me.

What is your artwork about?

My artworks are about the everyday. The everyday is often what brings me the most pleasure, a meal with family, a glass of wine, memories of vacations and spending time in the sunshine. A celebration of the little things that bring joy, of life’s simplest pleasures.

Do you have any rituals in your daily life - in or outside of your painting practice - that a Roman God would appreciate? 

If I’m feeling stuck for ideas or generally feeling low in mood water is the number one ritual for me. Whether that be a bath, shower, swim in the ocean, feeling the flow of water over skin is cleansing and freeing, a time to reset. A new found ritual for me is face massage, I like to do this at least every two days, it feel so luxurious and calming. Lastly spending a little bit of time in the sun everyday when the sun is out, this never fails to lift my spirits.

Would it be fair to think your paintings have a little bit of the idea that we should eat as well as we can, while we can?  

Definitely, for me eating is one of the great joys in life. Cooking is a ritualistic process of planning, preparing and sharing an experience. The sharing of food has always been an integral part of the human story. Eating is so much more than just feeding your body it’s a means to gather with friends and family, share a meal, connect. 

Life is short eat what you want, eat fresh, respect the ingredients, cook with love. If someone has for you cooked savour every mouthful. My dad always says, “If you’re craving something your body needs it!”

Do you look to contemporary resources - art, literature - to develop your body of work?

I paint from photographs, experiences, memories, feelings and manifestations of my imagination.

What's your best tip for us to feel like a Roman deity - perhaps just for one afternoon?

A warm bath or ocean swim followed by a full body massage with essential oils. Round the afternoon off with a glass of red wine and a grazing platter overlooking the sunset with loved ones.

Maddy is wearing the Harlow embroidered linen blouse, it can be found here.

Maddy's work can be found here and is shown through @madeline_jovicic.

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