When Jaimi-Lee asked life for lemons \ perspectives from a slow living entrepreneur

When Jaimi-Lee asked life for lemons \ perspectives from a slow living entrepreneur

We’re very delighted to speak with Jaimi-Lee from Land Essentials about what can be done when life issues us with refreshing, nutritious lemons. Jaimi-Lee is an entrepreneur who shares our passion for wellness and the effortless life. Having recently moved to Nelson Bay, we share our curiosity about the surroundings there, and about Land Essential’s debut product line of Lemon Juice Powder.


So, we heard about your move! Can you tell us briefly about the people who know and love Nelson Bay - the First Peoples, people who perhaps came as visitors and fell in love, the people who make it the community that you’re part of. If we visit, will we feel at home?


Here, we are on Worimi Country. The Worimi people are the traditional custodians of the land here in Port Stephens and their customs ring true to the region. The women would create fishing lines from the native trees and both the women and men would fish from canoes, the shoreline or spearfish. You can feel how special the place is here, the rolling sand dunes almost tell a story of the times past.


The community here is typically an older demographic, sometimes myself and my partner joke that we live in a retirement village (in the best way!). I meet so many of the wonderful retirees through my pilates teaching and they all have the most interesting stories to tell. There is beginning to be a younger shift in the area as more people discover how incredible the area is and what it has to offer. It’s truly a heaven on earth location, and if you need a city fix Newcastle is 50mins away (everyone needs a cocktail bar every now and then). It feels like home for us, we hope we can settle here long term. You’re welcome anytime, it’ll feel like your home away from home!


Can you speak to us about the natural lushness that surrounds your new digs in Nelson Bay?


It’s so gorgeous here, I can’t really explain the natural beauty of it. On one side we have the bay, often calm, and the other the ocean. Lagoon-like pockets make way for surf waves and we are still discovering new coves and hike trails. My favourite time is just after rain when the green of the trees is deep and lush and the bay a glossy light blue hue ~ often spotting dolphins in the sea and echidnas in the bush. So lucky, each and every day to be in nature like this.



Is there a little bit of a secret towards wellness that can come from a change in address (or are our IG stories truthful - that moving house is a freefalling anvil of stress that nobody should have to tolerate?) - in other words, is it worth it?


I’ve always been a bit of a mover and groover. I moved from Adelaide to Byron Bay when I was 21, and then did a small stint on the Gold Coast for work, before heading back to Byron, then Sydney and now here in Nelson Bay. It’s been a wild ride! The stress is always evident while moving (hello dealing with Facebook marketplace), however they say change is as good as a holiday and I tend to agree. Living by the ocean is so cleansing and essential to my personal management of anxiety and stress. When you feel connected to a place it’s important to allow that to manifest if it can and if it feels right ~ I recognise that I am very privileged to be able to work from home and live this lifestyle. In short, it’s absolutely worth it.


So, you oversaw marketing for a range of small iconic brands for years and now you’re running Land Essentials, bringing an adventurous slant to the range of wellness products on the market right now. Does that change feel good?


Oh my god, yes! I am so grateful for the opportunities that all of my work has brought me, I’ve had the privilege of travel, of experience and of challenge. I met some of my closest friends through my work and have worked alongside some of the most inspiring women in the business. I’ve had the itch to work for myself for many years, having been a part of the growth of so many brands I was able to see what kind of commitment and drive was involved in launching and running a successful business ~ the rush was something I wanted for myself. Without my previous work I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today however,  I’m a lifestyle person and for me being able to run a business on my terms, allowing for work/life balance, was a non-negotiable long term goal. I’m feeling both excited, anxious and grounded all at the same time!



In the long term, what does Land Essentials aim to contribute to the life of health-conscious working people?


Such a great question. I started LAND with myself in mind, I was travelling for work almost weekly (both domestically and internationally) and I struggled to maintain my health routines while on the road. I was inspired by this gap in the market, and I was sick of calling hotel reception to ask for a knife (having found the nearest supermarket via uber to source my lemons). With this in mind, in the long-term, I’d love for LAND to make health more effortless, and convenient, for when life gets in the way. Essentially eliminating the barrier between achieving health goals and actually thinking about how they might happen.


To get a bit more specific - what is the secret about your Lemon Juice Powder? Vitamins, minerals - we hear good things.


The Organic Lemon Juice Powder is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1 & B2 and citric acid. The powder is incredible for maintaining digestive health, skin health (hello glow!) and immunity. Lemons have the most incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, assisting in lowering blood sugar levels and improving energy production in the body. Daily, it’ll aid in mental clarity ~ take a moment and sip, it makes all the difference. It’s real lemon juice, powdered, so expect the same benefits you see from those cute yellow fruits we all love.


What do you envision in the future for Land Essentials?


I dream big! I want LAND to be a leader in wellness and convenience, bridging the gap between style and adventure. I’m working on some really incredible new products, with some high potency health hero’s at the centre of the development. LAND will also be going global, looking to launch into the US this year. Alongside the eventual growth of the business, I’m really looking forward to further supporting some causes close to my heart and growing our existing partnership with Carbon Positive Australia. I would love for LAND  to become a carbon neutral business in the near future!


What are your own favourite wellbeing practices?


I’m also a qualified pilates instructor, so moving daily is an absolute priority for me. It keeps my stress levels in check and allows me to remain focussed and strong.


Aside from movement -  a swim in the ocean, my daily supplements, a long walk in nature and a daily lemon water are all essential practices for me. Balanced with a vino and bowl of fries every now and then.


Thank you Jaimi-Lee, you’re sterling. You can learn more about Land Essentials here.

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