Jet-setting with Madeline Joy Relph

Jet-setting with Madeline Joy Relph

This week at Kinga HQ we’ve trapped some sun rays from outside - and we’re keeping them going in our outlook, our thoughts, our mood. It sets a great scene for us to talk to Madeleine Joy Relph, a designer and model who has been styling our latest collection in the height of the Italian summer. We ask her about gold, about artists and about bella Italia.

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In your magazine appearances of late, you’ve been appointed a “professional gypsy” and a “flower child” - can we ask what your job is now? (No real answers).

Professional house potter. When I am not travelling I want nothing more than to pot/nest around home and make it cozy.

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Does your experience as a model influence the choices you make as a jewellery designer? Have there been moments where you felt inspired towards new career decisions by what you were wearing?

I think being in the industry has given myself an insight into the creative campaign aspect. This is my favourite part, creating a story and beautiful imagery to match.

How do you amplify a little hint of gold in an outfit? Are there tricks to styling gold?

For myself less is more, little glimmers of gold to a super casual outfit is my favourite look but there are no tricks, jewellery should be worn to the freedom of the wearer, this should be your self expression.

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It seems like you are always jetsetting to fun destinations - where do you feel the most welcome as a returning visitor?

I don’t usually like to stay long in one place (the Sagittarius in me) but now having a base and returning to Bali for over 6 years this does feel like home. I think the sense of freedom, warmth, yummy food and happy faces keeps me here.

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Tell us about your work with John Kaye. What made you choose this artist as a collaborator? How was the experience?

Well John has been a friend of ours for some time, in a not so previous life I renovated and opened a tattoo shop (of all things, from a girl with no tattoos..) with my last partner. John came to bali and painted a huge beautiful Geisha mural, and we have stayed in touch since. Always loving his self expression and messages he shows through his work, something I also enjoy doing through jewellery.

I can’t go to Italy right now but I want to feel like I’m there, just for one sneaky afternoon in Sydney, in the middle of a working week. What can I do?  

Well that’s not too hard to achieve :) grab a companion, some wine/Aperols, pasta and pizza with some Luciano Pavarotti blasting. If you want to go the extra mile pair this with a head scarf and some fancy sunnies.

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Thanks so much for chatting with us, Madeleine. Mercii is linked here.

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