F+H latest collection Hardcore Love

Hardcore Love and a passion for music ~ chats with Sharona of F+H Studios

We speak to powerhouse designer Sharona of F+H Studios about their new range Hardcore Love, what inspires her and dream dinners

Your new range, Hardcore Love, holds the newest arrivals that we can dream after on your website. What is a hardcore love in your life that inspires you to create?
Music has been an influence for all of my designs since the inception of F+H, particularly 80s dance culture and the decadent styling that comes with it. Bold satement pieces that take you to the dancefloor have always been a love of mine and the Hardcore Heart Choker and Hardcore Heart Hoop Earrings are perfect for this.
It's easy to tell that you're a discerning, inquisitive designer with a penchant for subculture. Can you tell us about influential figures from fashion, music or art that inspire you to make jewellery that leaves such a firm and captivating impression?
From music Grace Jones has always been an inspiration for me, in fashion I love early 80s YSL influences, and in art I admire Keith Haring for his irreverent style.
The synth neon enamel earrings have a special something - and you've made a few versions that center that oscillating bright colour. There's a musicality to them, especially seen next to the square chains. There must be a lot of joy in letting electronic music influence your design work. Is that fair to say?
Yes I love incoporating unexpected fun elements to our designs and neon colour are great to add alongside classic items such as pearls and crystals.


You've mentioned in a past interview that when Covid restrictions ease, your main ambition was to go to a booked dinner at a Byron Bay restaurant. Did you go to the dinner? Can you tell us about it?
We love thinking about food. North Bondi Italian has just opened a sister restaurant, Belongil Italian, which is great and has a really fun atmosphere, so I’ve been there 3 times in the 2 weeks, it’s definitely my favourite place to be at the moment.

Thank you to the gorgeous Sharona for taking the time to chat with us on all things F+H! You can shop the F+H Hardcore Love range which is now online and in store at our Newport pop up.

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