Jac Giltrow \\ On International Travel during global lockdowns & Shooting Odyssey for Kinga Csilla

Jac Giltrow \\ On International Travel during global lockdowns & Shooting Odyssey for Kinga Csilla

Aren’t we lucky? We might be more than a bit lucky. Jac Giltrow is the photography extraordinaire featuring on the Kinga blog this week. She tells us about traveling through Covid, life in Bali, and a little bit of inside goss from her latest shoots.

First, we have to ask about how on Earth (literally) you find leeway to shoot at these idyllic Mediterranean coastal spots in recent times. Where can we find you?

Honestly sometimes I even surprise myself given the current global situation I’ve still managed to travel to dream locations. I’m currently in my second home, Positano Italy. 

I think the key has been staying on top of the evolving situation in the countries I’m looking to visit and when the opportunity arises to travel, I jump on it. Things change so quickly and I’m lucky I have a great deal of flexibility with my business I can be agile and get to where I need to be. 

Your body of work from shooting our Odyssey range in Greece washes a summer feeling over us. From first glance we’re greeted by pristine archways and staircases sprawling in long late Mediterranean sun, models incandescent in their dresses. How’s the water over there?

Milos is actually a new love of mine. It was my first trip to the island and for sure will not be my last. The water and landscape is just enchanting. It has this beautiful duality of instantly calming and completely awe inspiring energy. 

I found a beautiful summer shack in one the prettiest coves (which we feature in the campaign) As soon as Tia and I arrived we dropped our bags and jumped straight in the water. It was a very surreal moment. 


Did everything run beautifully?

For the most part yes. Thankfully the key elements, model/location/weather were amazing. But I definitely learnt some lessons on Greek customs and having samples delivered on time. The samples for the shoot literally arrived 12 hours before the shoot- in the nick of time but it was down to the wire that’s for sure. 

What was your personal favourite look from the shoot?

Ohhh that’s a tough one..can I have two? The pink stripe Vale Capri maxi and the White Patience maxi. Both have such a powerful look but a beautiful feminine whimsy to them. 

You’re so artful with sunlight in your photos but surely weather and itineraries don’t always agree. How do you summon brightness in your photos when a shooting day is overcast?

The weather definitely doesn’t always turn out how you had hoped. I recently had a shoot on a boat and a storm rolled in 10 minutes into the trip despite clear weather forecasts.  This is really where you have to think on your feet and just make it work. It becomes a different mood but I think at the end of the day it’s about moments. I play with depth of field, posing, angles etc 

You change the narrative, but the story still ends up beautiful. 

There’s the feeling of a total, unfettered leisurely vibe in every shot you publish - whilst the weather, your schedule, your resources and the movements of other people would have to all be in place to make them work. How much of it comes together naturally on location, and how much of it comes down to tight organisation?

I’ve learnt you can only be so organised but the magic happens on location. The relationship you develop with model is probably the most important factor here. 

That connection and energy exchange is what will get you those magic moments. 

There can definitely be stressful moments on shoots, but something I’m definitely focused on is keeping it positive and as relaxed as possible despite challenges. 

It’s not always easy, but if you have a genuine connection with your team you support each other through it and that’s what makes the difference. 

Feel free to talk a bit nerdy with us - is there a technical challenge around your current photography gear, that is keeping you experimenting and pushing yourself in the medium?

Not so much a challenge but I would definitely like to explore film more as a medium. I currently have one film camera so I would like to expand that part of my kit a little more to push some creative limits. I like the rawness of it. 

Tell us a bit about the sense of home you have in Bali. Will you get to spend more time there soon?

I will, I’m headed back to beautiful Bali in October. There is something so special about the Bali energy. I feel like Bali is a reset for the soul. The culture, diversity and people are some of the best in the world. 


Jac Giltrow’s work can be viewed here.

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