ENIKO x Kinga Csilla Artist Colaboration

ENIKO x Kinga Csilla Artist Colaboration

It is Kinga Blog time and we thoroughly chuffed to talk to prolific, Budapest-based creative designer Eniko Eged about going places, looking good and loving art.

We fell in love with Eniko's aesthetic and subject matter at first sight. So when she agreed to collaborate with us on some Tee shirt prints it would be an understatement to say that we were excited. 

You can find Tee shirts from the Eniko x Kinga Csilla colaboration here.

... but first, lets take a minute to get to know this talented artist.

Eniko boot

Since you have a wide range of connected creative interests, we’d love your perspective on this: do you see art as a want or a need?

 I see art as a need.  I feel anxious if I haven’t got time for drawing. Illustration for me is like a process, how I’m dealing with my emotions, experiences. 

So you’ve got this wonderful study basis in Hungarian humanities. 

If you could describe a quintessentially Hungarian picture - according to your experience and everything you feel and know - what would the picture have in it? What colours?

 Ah that’s a difficult experiment - put everything in one image:D Rather I would try to recommend some of my beloved Hungarian painters who have had this quintessence in their pictures: Róbert Berény, Ilona Keserü, Dezső Korniss, Lajos Vajda 

We’re just looking hungry-eyed at your fine art print, the Angry Ninja Kitten. Food illustration is such a great way to hit people right in the senses, bringing in colour and surface in a way that speaks to the mouth as much as the eyes. Is it a challenge to make a picture of food that is just as sensory as the food itself?

 Yes, it’s challenging to find the right amount of abstraction - to keep the food textures etc and add the graphic language at the same time:) 

We’ve got to ask you about what it is you like to wear when you travel, as well. Do you have a quick and portable trick to lift up your look when you’re carrying everything in a bag and giving primary attention to your delicious experiences?

 Yess, my favourite item is my YKRA fannypack in deep orange. It goes well with all my outfits:) Otherwise I choose comfortable and simple clothes, because I’m usually traveling with my two dogs, and my priorities are function and comfort:) 

Those undies that you designed for Farkas Lingerie through your Sapphic sub-label Azzurro Velluto are out of this world! Are these your favourite kind of project? Do you think you’ll soon tackle a brief that’s equally central to your interests?

 I can’t choose one favorite, hence I only accept collaboration requests that I would do with the full of my heart, and I’m really grateful that I can do this. <3

Awww .. we're chuffed! You can check out more of Enikő's fantastic work here.
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