Emily Jean Bester \\ On book clubs, personal style & moving from the big smoke.

Emily Jean Bester \\ On book clubs, personal style & moving from the big smoke.

We at Kinga HQ have questions for Emily Jean. Nobody gets past us with an outward, infectious love of crochet swimsuits and roomy shacka hair styling - well, not without getting a few questions about style, art and leisure. We also heard rumours that Emily has recently started a homestead in the Australian countryside and we want to know all about it, of course.


Seems like you love to work with a camera. It also seems like you love to make your style truly happen. Are we on the money? Tell us about your creativity!...

I actually stepped away from the camera up until quite recently. I quit modeling (at least having an agency) and am now just really having fun with creating my own images at home/ with friends and sharing bits about myself that are fun for me and I think others can relate to (I hope). I find it to be a lot more freeing not having to conform to anyone idea of what I should be doing and just have a bit of fun with the small platform I do have. 

Tell us about books you like! Was Where the Crawdads Sing a winner...?

You already know what I am going to say here... Where the Crawdads Sing, should be read by every single human on the planet, Delia Owens is a literal genius. 

I just started a book club on my Instagram for fun (mainly my own) and am a huge lover of fiction, mainly romance/ drama HOWEVER I am definitely not impartial to the fantasy world either. My Harry Potter books are on high rotation at least once a year.

Is it creepy if we ask you where you live?

Not at all! We are in a small town just inland of Scotts Head (NSW Mid North Coast).

There can be a huge gap between saying "Oooh yes please, I want to move to the country." - and moving to the country. Are there understandings or steps that people tend to underestimate when they decide to move to the country?

Oh gosh yes! Get ready to miss good takeaway!

I think we have all become better chefs since moving and haven had to become a lot more creative with our cooking to keep it fresh and interesting. 

The other big one is the solitude of it all, if you need to borrow some milk or butter from the neighbours make sure you put your walking boots on.

Is there a lot of music in your life?

Music is a HUGE part of my life and always has been. I actually cannot escape music even if I wanted to. My partner is a musician and when we are together not a day goes by where we don't have multiple conversations about what is going on in his world which I love. Im biased but I think he's incredible. 

Over lockdown I created playlist called Em Fest (mainly for my 3 friends who would listen and myself) which is filled with all the acts I would want to see if I could go to a music festival. Maybe you can try find that and have a boogie if you wanted to!

Can we come to your house for a barbecue, or maybe one of those long-tabled backyard meals you see on Italian cooking TV? 


Have you seen Call me by your name? A film directed by Luca Guadagnino. There are a lot of scenes of them sitting in Italy around this beautiful table drinking wine and eating incredible food. I like to romantise my life to be like that (preferably sitting next to Timothee Chalamet). The family are very giving people and welcome everyone to their table, so I am doing the same. Come one, come all! 

How can we create a little bit of Country Manor style in a small space?

Fill your word with plants, make a herb garden on your balcony, COMPOST, there are so many community gardens around who would love your food scraps! Even if you live in a small apartment all of these things are achievable and a great way to contribute to your carbon offset!

You can follow Emily's Instagram here.  

Emily wears our Liberty blouse in post consumer recycled cotton throughout. Available this October.

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