BOY FRIDAY x Kinga Csilla

BOY FRIDAY x Kinga Csilla

With the launch of Boy Friday's newest "Chunky Bead Necklaces" at Kinga Csilla this week we thought it high time we introduce the dynamic and creative force behind our new favourite Jewellery brand:

We’re so thrilled to have Boy Friday stocked on Kinga Csilla. Naturally, we want to know more about the person behind the brand. Bree, can you tell us about yourself and what your career has looked like before exploring the world of jewellery?

Well, I’m actually a hairdresser, have been for 18 years and still work in my own little salon. I have 2 little boys 5 and 3 and have just recently finished a lap around Aus in a caravan with my little fam.

A lap around Aus in a caravan – how incredible! Tell us more! Any highlights? Any struggles? How did the boys go? Give us the tips for anyone dreaming of the same adventure.

Wow, how can I package that up in a nice neat paragraph! Haha I don’t think I can, so here goes!

In 2019, we sold our house, bought a caravan and took off with one baby! We had been on the road about 7 months and good ol’ Covid hit!

Fast forward to 2023, we took off again with 2 small fry’s and finally ticked it off.

We pretty much followed the coastline all the way around.

Again it’s a hard one to describe. Obviously we live in a beautiful country and our coastline is quite breathtaking...

But meeting other families you wouldn’t normally get to meet and hearing their stories was a surprising highlight! Being inspired by them, what they might have done before travel and what they planned to do after. Then running into them again in another town, state etc so being in the supermarket and seeing a familiar face was always a spin out. 


Being able to spend time with our babes without outside influences was also amazing.

I feel it made us such a tight little unit, and we really got to know our kids and each other. It meant we got to witness a lot of the kids firsts too, because we were always together. 

I will say this was also one of the struggles, little kids who are around 24/7, means you can’t do as many of those unforgettable experiences you read about, unless you want to seperate and go solo whilst the other parent has the kids. So we didn’t get to do as much as we would have hoped to.


Tips - I think there are too many Instagram travel families that show an extreme highlight reel.
It’s not all white linen and matching bed spreads.
There is a hell of a lot more tears, tantrums and playgrounds, from adults as well as children. Oh and lots of wine! Haha! 


Did I sell it?

Consider us SOLD! I’m sure my algorithm is going to be serving me some serious van life after this conversation.

A little birdy told me that you owned a fashion boutique years ago… With your fashion background, I’m curious, how would you describe your personal style?

My style really depends on the day! My favourite thing about fashion is you never have to put yourself in a particular ‘fashion’ box! One day I can be wearing a matching set, super feminine and pretty! Other days I am Definitely putting out Adam Sandler vibes!


Do you have a few favourite pieces that you wear on rotation or is that like asking to choose your favourite child?!

Haha! Well.. A beaten up Harley tee with a flowy maxi skirt underneath, picture the latest Kinga 'Lucky Chalm' maxi skirt.

A few quick fire q’s, let's go!

Favourite holiday destination? Asia! Always good for a giggle!!
Go-to cocktail? Spicy marg
Death row meal? Anything Japanese
Resolution for 2024? Be present

Favourite quote? Always be kinder than you feel

Before we leave you – is there anything exciting in the works for Boy Friday in 2024?

More connection! Opening the doors on communication to be able to help put more pep in your steps! So working with charities, hosting get togethers, bead workshops! I’ll also be learning how to silversmith! I want to make our own precious metal pieces!

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