The Make Haus \ On Ideation & Practice

The Make Haus \ On Ideation & Practice

The Makehaus create room designs that evoke a building elation - a bit like hearing a new playlist staple for the first time, or trying on a dress that becomes a mainstay. 

The words 'subdued and simplified' might come to mind first, to describe the neutral palettes that backdrop their work but don't be deceived. 

Stylistically, their approach to surface, shape, shadow and material gives a whisper the impact of a scream. It brings modulations of glimmer, asymmetry and - occasionally - offbeat playfulness to a room (oh yes, we clocked that expanding foam mirror frame). We sat with Dani to ask her some questions about process, taste and practice.

1. Ok, firstly - What is that fascinating real-time floristry magic you've created, using coloured smoke and orange branches? We're completely mystified. You have to tell us.

This was the result of some left over ingredients and a collaboration with my friend Andrew Fawcett who is a photographer. We really didn’t head into this shoot with a firm idea, however the combinations really exploded into some vibrant imagery. Im very much a ’think on my feet’ creative and often feel my best work is executed when I'm left to play. My floristry practice has always blended other objects into play such as smoke, fruits, perspex and ceramics.

2. You've described Make Haus as a "creative studio that services the A to Z of the visual". We bet you get clients who want to test that range right out! What's been the most rewarding challenge to the Make haus' repertoire?

Its always been a very broad scope of what creative project we will work on. I still don’t see at this point that we will reduce our width of interiors, activations and floristry. To us its still a concept, development and execute phase. Im most interested in the interior space, its where my studies landed and an avenue I am extremely considerate of nurturing. The most recording challenge is always delivering a project as creatively intended. When the concept truely looks as though its come to reality. Looking at a completed job and accepting all the challenges, set backs, wins, changes that have happened is pure delight.,

kinga csilla the ware

3. You have one testimonial that completely (and - if you ask us - fairly!) reveres your taste. Would you say that taste is the main thing that informs strong interior design decisions, or are there other types of wisdom at play?

Testimonials are such a great experience to receive. Sometimes cant believe the words of wisdom and kindness we receive on our projects, attitude and collaboration. I do believe that everything we do is not everyones cup of tea - and thats ok! My taste or likes evolves regularly and the reasons I like things can develop in so many ways. Once we understand the concept or the true scope you can start to tailor your taste to very different domains. What we need to consider is the decisions, the colours, the shaped are truely the best outcome for each project. Our team looks for inspiration daily on blogs, instagram, magazines, other designers or through global events. Its our job to ensure we are across elements which can emerge into our work.

kinga csilla knit

4. What feeds the kind of discernment that you need to conceive of a new 'look' for a room that's fresh and fully resolved? Do you hit the books? Do you center your research on a particular part of the world?

As talked about above we seek inspiration from many areas. Sometimes movies, holiday motels, could be drawn from anywhere. A room, space or object can have a new look without a drastic change. I often like to examine all the contents of a space and see if we can manipulate its postion to improve the flow. Furniture can work in so many ways and sometimes its overlooked when styling or a designing a space. Creating flow, applying principles of balance and colour can help resolve a space. If we are designing custom pieces we consider smaller details which can elevate the look.

5. The Makehaus's front foot is original design ideation but of course, the complement to ideation is practice, practice, and when you're sick of it, more practice of your iteration.  What does practise and process look like, for you?

Every project is practice for our application. I make time to continue studying in areas that I want to improve. There are so many great small courses to support in accelerating your drawing skills, your attitude, your application and processes. I love understanding how we can run the studio better. I know that I wake and breathe design. I confidently know this career is so suited to my personality. Nurturing the skill takes time and I look forward to life time of honing it.

6. In what way might fellow creatives in your community influence your work?

I am very influenced by other creatives, locally we have a really strong design industry and its very inspiring  to see people experience big accolades and applause for their work. I hope we can be a studio that inspires others too.

kinga csilla

There's a quality to the Makehaus' projects that speaks of attention to other disciplines and we could just not resist picking Dani's brain. You can browse The Make Haus to have a close look at Dani's beautiful and diverse interior stylings.

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