From Beaches to Broadcasts: In conversation with Em and Lil hosts of podcast Suddenly Thirty

From Beaches to Broadcasts: In conversation with Em and Lil hosts of podcast Suddenly Thirty

Welcome to a candid conversation with two of our favourite working mums from Sydney. Juggling careers, families, and the everyday hustle, Kinga Csilla neighbours Em and Lilli, hailing from the picturesque Northern Beaches, offer insights into their lives and the unique experiences that propelled them to launch their burgeoning podcast, 'Suddenly Thirty.'


Appreciate you both taking the time to chat – we have a couple of working mums in the team so understand the juggle is real!




Before we get into it, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? Names, who’s in your family, where you’re from and what you do for work?

Em: I am Emily. I am married to my husband, Luke, and we have a daughter, Posie. We live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I’m working across several roles in social media and PR, and in mental health.

Lil: I’m Lilli, I’ve got two daughters, Sloane and Murphie, married to my husband Dan. Grew up on the Northern Beaches and I have been working in Brand and Marketing for 10 years.

For anyone planning a trip to the Northern Beaches, can you each give us your local hero go-tos:

  • Coffee Shop (and order): Zubi Narrabeen and Three Seagulls Freshwater - we ironically have the same order, an iced oat latte
  • Girls long lunch (and drink of choice): Hugos in Manly, always!
  • Date night restaurant: Dunes in Palm Beach or Sunset Sabi in Manly 
  • Treat yourself massage/facial/nails spot: Studio M in Mona Vale (hard to get into but so worth the wait!) 
  • Which beach we’d find you at?
    Lil: Love Delwood in Fairlight or Freshwater are my go-to spots. About once a month I’ll drive to Whale beach with my husband and kids too.
    Em: You’ll find me at Turimetta, the best hidden beach on the beaches! Otherwise were at North Narrabeen so Luke can surf and Posie can play by the lake.

We think many women from the KC community will resonate with you both and the Suddenly Thirty podcast. Can you tell them, what was the reason you decided to start a podcast? What conversations did you feel people wern't having?

 As we approached turning thirty, we both felt a huge shift in our identity, whether that be due to having kids, reaching a certain point in our careers, shifting friendships etc. We felt there was not a space that women our age and in our circumstances were having the conversations that mattered to us. We decided we wanted to create that space, even if it was just as an outlet for the two of us to discuss and have mini girlfriend therapy sessions but here we are!

You only started the podcast at the end of last year, am I right? Are you both shocked by how it’s taken off? How long did you two talk about it before getting started?

We had been chatting about the podcast for months before we actually started the planning process. We had both been seeking something outside work and motherhood, that was a personal project and outlet for us. Being chatters and oversharers, the podcast just felt right. We still cannot believe that we have people that tune in to listen to us every week – it’s really surreal. We love that people are enjoying the podcast and the beautiful community that we are creating.

And tell us, what are your poddy' plans for 2024? 

This year we have some incredible guests coming to discuss some topics that are really close to our heart. Also, our ultimate goal would be to create a space where our community can come together and shop or experience all the things we care about in one place. 

Last couple of quick fire q’s before we leave you:


Em: The roast lamb that was served at our wedding. Best ever!
Lil: My mum's spaghetti bolognese and a creme brulee forever!


Em: Last year we went to Bali for our first overseas holiday as a family of three. I went into it with low expectations as lots of people had warned me about the challenges of travelling with a baby, however, our experience was the opposite. It was the perfect balance of family time, relaxing and sunshine, and we cannot wait to go back!
Lil: More of a work trip recently to Tokyo so not so much holidaying but it’s at the top of my list to go back for a longer holiday. I was so surprised at how calm yet vibrant it was, and how much I love wandering the streets and seeing the architecture etc.


Em: I want to say the Maldives or somewhere beautiful and tropical. But I have been dreaming of a Europe trip for years so I’ll have to say that!
Lil: Japan again!


Em: SPF, everyday!
Lil: Protein haha. Now I’ve discovered how much better it makes me feel I have protein snacks in my bag at all times. 



Em: I love the quote by Brene Brown “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” 
Lil: Ok so I keep quoting this but I can’t confirm it’s legit or where I heard it but I love it “House finished, man dies”. I keep telling myself this since I recently renovated and there is still tonnes to do and when it frustrates me I remember this saying to ground me.

1 X 2024 INS AND OUTS:

Em: My in is saying no without reason and establishing healthy boundaries. My out is buying jeans that are too tight and don't fit!
Lil: In for me is getting on top of my health. Two kids back to back and years of not properly looking after myself is catching up to me so I’m working with a naturopath to sort me out. Hence the protein snacks. Controversially, I’m done with grazing tables. Their my out. No explanation needed haha.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Em and Lil for sharing with us on the KC Journal.

Till next week 




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