Kind is Cool // Issue 1 // Hemp

Hi Loves! Welcome to our first issue of ‘kind is cool’.  
Today's KIC topic is all about the magical fibre - Hemp. 
As you may have noticed, Kinga's latest collection ‘Palms’ debuts our very first hemp blended garments. As someone who loves both fashion and sustainability having such beautiful pieces created with so much love and consideration is truly exciting. 
Before we dive into the wonders of hemp and why we should all champion this magnificent fiber, let's quickly debunk any damaging misconceptions about the plant from which it is sourced. 
Here’s a common Question we hear; is hemp the same as marajuana? The quick answer? yes and no. 
Hemp is essentially marajuana’s sober cousin. The fabric is produced from fibers taken from the stem and stalk of the cannabis plant which are softened in water, broken up and spun or woven into fabric.  It is a completely legal crop and has a very minimal amount of the  psychoactive ingredient THC, at about 0.05% whereas the other crop has around 20-30% THC. Just to be very, very, very, clear this plant is legal.
Even better news … Hemp is an extremely durable fabric, with a life span 3 times longer than cotton. It’s durable, extremely comfortable and lightweight, and with time and wear, hemp gets even softer and more beautiful with the patina of time. 
For our southern hemisphere babes, those long hot, sticky days that we have been hanging for are almost here. Hemp is extremely breathable in the heat and wicks away moisture keeping you nice and cool.
In addition to this it’s temperature regulating characteristic work both ways, hemp can keep you cosy in the winter too.
It gets better for our planet babes… stay with me. It's worth it. 
Hemp is a naturally abundant crop that requires little to no pesticides. Which means that hemp crops do not deplete soil of its nutrients and actually restore vitality back into the land.
Hemp doesn’t require much space to grow, it can actually produce three times more fiber than cotton when occupying a comparable land mass. Also, in comparison to conventional cotton, hemp takes up 50% less water! 
We are so excited to be incorporating more hemp into future collections as a part of our conscious fashion goals. 
We hope to inspire you to look for ways to make your wardrobes kinder too. 
 So... You've made it this far into the issue and now you deserve a little love. 
Here is your exclusive KIC code for 20 percent off site wide. Because you, my friend, care to be kind. 
Lots of love, 
Claudia x 


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